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When we started having kids, I realised it was much more difficult to keep our home organised with young children running around than it was when there were only two adults in the house. Our normal routines just didn't work well anymore, and the clutter and chaos seemed to be increasing by the day. We had to change how we organised our home by streamlining our belongings, altering our daily routine and developing new habits. In time we learned some quick and efficient ways to keep the key areas in our home clutter-free. I started this blog to share our experiences of transforming our home and pass on our tips for organising your home when you have young children to look after.



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Answering Some Questions About Home Safety and Security Doors

Security doors are a good choice for any home, and especially for families who don't want a complicated or cumbersome alarm system, security lights outside the home, cameras and so on. Security doors are different than standard doors, as security doors are designed to be harder to kick in or pry open, and might have several locks or deadbolts already installed. If you're wondering if security doors are a good choice for your home and family, note a few questions you might have about this option and about how to keep your house secure.

How are doors kicked in or forced open?

When someone kicks in a door, they typically don't splinter the middle of the door, as even wood doors are very dense and thick and difficult to crack or break. Instead, when a door is kicked open, the frame of the door comes away from the home's framework, or the door's hinges come off the frame itself.

Security doors are harder to kick in because their frames are thicker and are connected to the home with very thick bolts. The hinges of security doors are also usually hidden inside the door itself, making it difficult to break those hinges off the doorframe. Security doors also sit very snugly inside their frames, so that it's virtually impossible to slide a pry bar into that gap and force the door open.

Won't intruders just break a window?

Most home intruders like to break into a house as unobtrusively as possible, so neighbours aren't alerted to their presence and won't call the police. If a potential thief cannot force open a front door, they might try to pry open a window, but will rarely just break the glass and risk making that much noise. To keep your home as safe as possible, you might consider security windows or screens along with your new security door.

Are stronger deadbolts the same as a security door?

Upgrading your door's deadbolts and having more than one lock and deadbolt on a door is a good way to increase home security, but deadbolts may not be enough to stop someone from getting into your home. As said, a door might be forced open by being pried off its hinges. Standard entryway doors are also not as snug in their frames, so someone might slide a pry bar into the side of the door opposite those deadbolts and force the hinges off the frame or pull the frame away from the house itself.