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When we started having kids, I realised it was much more difficult to keep our home organised with young children running around than it was when there were only two adults in the house. Our normal routines just didn't work well anymore, and the clutter and chaos seemed to be increasing by the day. We had to change how we organised our home by streamlining our belongings, altering our daily routine and developing new habits. In time we learned some quick and efficient ways to keep the key areas in our home clutter-free. I started this blog to share our experiences of transforming our home and pass on our tips for organising your home when you have young children to look after.


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How to keep your home in good condition when you have a dog

A dog can be a wonderful addition to a home; however, this animal can also be extremely messy. Here are three tips for keeping your home in good condition when you have one or more dogs living under your roof:

Protect your furniture

Most dogs like to spend time sleeping and relaxing on sofas or armchairs. Unfortunately, this can lead to these items ending up covered in drool, hair and any dirt they have tracked in on their paws. This, in turn, can leave your furniture stained, dirty and covered in hair.

In most cases, upholstered furniture can only be spot-cleaned; this can be a tedious and ineffective means of removing dirt. One simple way to prevent this dirt and hair from accumulating in the first place is to put machine-washable throws over your dog's favourite pieces of furniture. The throw can then be popped into the washing machine once or twice a week.

This will ensure that your furniture will remain clean and stain-free, without you having to waste time spot cleaning. If or when visitors arrive at your door, you can then simply remove the throws to reveal your pristine chairs and sofas underneath.

Purchase an air purifier

Two of the biggest issues dog owners face is the smell of their pet's fur (particularly after the dog has been out in the rain) and the pet dander they leave on surfaces around the home.

Whilst the former is merely unpleasant, the latter can be very problematic, particularly if any of your friends or relatives who are allergic to it decide to visit your home. People who have a pet dander allergy can end up with rashes, hives and respiratory problems (such as wheezing) when they are exposed to this substance.

One easy way to drastically reduce the smell your dog's fur produces and the quantity of pet dander in your home is to invest in an air purifier. Air purifiers can extract pet dander, dust and other allergens from the air in your home, and significantly reduce unpleasant odours.

Get your carpets professionally cleaned

A dog can wreak havoc on your carpeting. Their fur can become knotted into the carpet and any toilet-related accidents they have can lead to the fibres of the carpet becoming permanently discoloured and malodorous. The soil particles they drag in on their paws after each walk can also leave behind stains.

It is next to impossible to tackle this type of mess with standard household hoovers and cleaning products. These items simply aren't powerful enough to remove deeply-embedded dirt and hair and so will only be able to clean the top layers of your carpeting.

As such, this is a job which is best left to a professional carpet cleaning specialist. Their industrial-strength cleaning sprays, coupled with their heavy-duty steamers and hoovers, will allow them to extract every single hair and particle of grime in your carpeting.

Getting this done once every couple of months is one of the best ways to ensure that the floors of your home look clean and presentable all year round. Contact a company like Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning for more information.