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Home Organisation Tips For Busy Parents

When we started having kids, I realised it was much more difficult to keep our home organised with young children running around than it was when there were only two adults in the house. Our normal routines just didn't work well anymore, and the clutter and chaos seemed to be increasing by the day. We had to change how we organised our home by streamlining our belongings, altering our daily routine and developing new habits. In time we learned some quick and efficient ways to keep the key areas in our home clutter-free. I started this blog to share our experiences of transforming our home and pass on our tips for organising your home when you have young children to look after.



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Fun and Functional Trends to Consider for Your New Home

When having a new home built, you want to ensure you take the time to consider all the features and details that are available, to make your home not just functional, but also stylish and uniquely your own. Whatever your plans for your new home construction, note a few trends and features you'll want to discuss with your builder.

Closet pantries

Having lots of cupboards and cabinets in the kitchen is good for storage, but might make the kitchen seem closed-in and boxy. A closet pantry is a good alternative; this is a walk-in pantry with plenty of shelving for everything you need in the kitchen, not just food items. You can store pots and pans, small appliances, and even dishes in this pantry, so you only need enough cabinetry in the kitchen for everyday items you need close at hand.

Safety and transitional features

Homeowners often want to stay in their family home even after they get older and reach retirement age, but retrofitting a home with safety features needed by seniors can be cumbersome and downright expensive. These features can also seem a bit unsightly.

Instead, homeowners today are choosing safety and transitional features that are functional while still being attractive. For example, safety grab bars can be designed to double as towel bars, and tall yet attractive toilets that are easier to use for those with joint problems can also be installed. These features can work well for those who are transitioning into retirement age, without detracting from the overall appearance of the home.

Electronics-friendly drop zone

A drop zone refers to a place where you can drop your handbag, briefcase, and other items when you come through the door. A electronics-friendly drop zone can be built with compartments for those items, as well as charging stations and holders for smart phones, tablets, and other such devices. Having these electronics-friendly drop zones included in your new home design is often easier than trying to retrofit the wiring and outlets needed after the home is built.

Walk-in spa showers

Many people today simply don't have the time to soak in a hot bath, but a spa shower can help you to relax just as well, but in less. These showers may have a rainfall showerhead, which sits directly overhead, along with turbo jets installed in the wall. They may also offer steam rather than just water jets, and will have built-in seating so you can still sit and relax while enjoying a quick spa experience.