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Home Organisation Tips For Busy Parents

When we started having kids, I realised it was much more difficult to keep our home organised with young children running around than it was when there were only two adults in the house. Our normal routines just didn't work well anymore, and the clutter and chaos seemed to be increasing by the day. We had to change how we organised our home by streamlining our belongings, altering our daily routine and developing new habits. In time we learned some quick and efficient ways to keep the key areas in our home clutter-free. I started this blog to share our experiences of transforming our home and pass on our tips for organising your home when you have young children to look after.



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Which Shutter Style Will Suit Your Home?

If the idea of draping your home with curtains doesn't fill you with joy, you may want to consider investing in shutters. As well as acting as an aesthetically pleasing decorative statement, shutters come with many practical benefits. For example, keeping the sun out is easier, plus you can let the air in without sacrificing privacy. Before choosing an installation, you need to understand the benefits of each type.

Hardwood shutters

As an attractive alternative to plastic blinds, hardwood shutters come in an array of colours, allowing you to choose a style that suits your home's design. In addition, they're an excellent installation for those who prefer a traditional look, especially when they come in white or natural wood tones. Hardwood is especially useful for keeping extremes of temperature from affecting your home when closed tight, allowing you to stay cool on a warm summer's day. Finally, as hardwood requires very little cleaning, you can look forward to dusting them occasionally rather than using soap and water.

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters open horizontally, which means they're ideal for larger windows and doors you may want to gain access through. Depending on the material you use, you may also find that they reduce noise levels from outside. This is especially useful if you live in a busy suburban or built-up area where there are lots of cars. Finally, as a traditional design, they will give your property a homey feel, allowing you to feel at ease every time you enter it.

Vinyl materials

While wood lends itself well to traditional looks, it may not last as long as a vinyl installation. In addition, it isn't as easy to clean when it encounters stains, which is problematic for landlords who are unfortunate enough to house particularly untidy tenants. Plastic is a handy alternative, especially when you want to install the shutters in damp areas of the home such as your bathroom or kitchen. Unlike wood, plastic fends off water effortlessly, which means there's no risk of rotting and less chance of mould. Finally, they never peel or blister, and they are fire resistant, which means there are plenty of aesthetic and safety benefits too.

As it's possible to customise most materials, you can find an installation that matches most of the windows or doors around your home. Before the installation process, you'll benefit from a measuring service that determines the ideal size. If you're still stuck for ideas, try reaching out to a professional who can offer inspiration.